Using Composer and TYPO3 Surf to easily build and deploy your TYPO3 CMS Projects

UPDATE: The Workshop on Oktober 15th, 2014 had to be cancelled due to lack of participants. Alternative dates will be published separately.

tl;dr Advertising my upcoming Deployment Workshop as a blog post :)

tl;dr I’m not a member of the TYPO3 CMS core team any more

I’ve been an active member of the TYPO3 CMS core team for some years now. I’ve given my best to improve the product and to help the community with newly introduced paradigms. This was challenging but fun most of the time.

tl;dr eID scripts are indeed much faster, when your script only contain basic operations. Once you start initializing frontend rendering code, they are slower and you are better off using the TypoScript rendering technique I described in previous posts.

tl;dr If you want to know the details, you have to read the full article this time, sry ^^

This is the third article in my series of posts in “fighting” the myth that using eID or configuring page types in TypoScript are the (only) way to go to render (Extbase) Plugin actions in/for an Ajax request. It consists of two parts, first elaborating why making assumptions on URLs in client side JavaScript might be a bad idea and secondly describing some details of plugin rendering and the pitfalls therein.

… or how to effectively dispatch your Ajax actions

… or how to render parts of your web page separately (out of bound)

tl;dr: The extension typo3script_rendering offers a simple, straightforward and highly integrated way to render an arbitrary TypoScript path in context of specified page. This can e.g. be used as a simple, yet powerful Ajax dispatcher for any plugin.

When people ask on mailing lists, how they could call certain actions in their plugin via Ajax, they are regularly pointed into two different directions:

1. eID dispatching

Recently I stumbled over a nice initiative from google. They created a game which, while playing it, explains how cross-site scripting (XSS) works and what the most common pitfalls are when creating web applications.

This is more entertaining than reading documentation but you can still learn a lot from it.

So have fun and be careful!

This is a guest article written by Anja Leichsenring and a translation of a German post she wrote for Thanks Anja!

Did you follow news around TYPO3? If so, you most probably heard about the word ‘codesprint’ here and then. Since we just had another one, I like to take the chance not only to report about it, but give a little insight what a code sprint is about and what usually happens during one.

tl;dr: There are several ways to get the job done. I claim to have done it the right way.


In a previous post I cheered how nice and simple it is to implement a simple image gallery with Extbase using FAL. I presented this during the training and everybody was happy. Then a participant asked how to add an image upload functionality to the gallery… silence…